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NLU professor looks at the role of play in learning

Vito_DipintoNLU Associate Professor Vito Dipinto, Ed.D., has co-authored an article that was recently published in the March issue of the International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science. Co-written with Deanna Murphy — Science Coordinator at Beach Park District 3, an NLU adjunct professor,  and a graduate of the M.Ed. in Science Education program — and Anna Dipinto — a sixth grade ELA teacher in North Chicago, NLU adjunct and MAT graduate — the article, “Messin’ Around: The Role of Play in  Middle Level Science Education,” looks at how play in the classroom setting can help students learn. You can read it here.

Dipinto also recently co-presented at the National Science Teachers Association International Conference in Boston on “The Virtual Lab: Implementing the NGSS and the Common Core.” He was joined by Murphy; Frank Prill, a chemistry/physics teacher at Bolingbrook High School and NLU MAT grad; and Andrew Bean, an eighth grade science and social studies teacher at Dever Elementary School in Chicago and MAT grad. Dipinto taught each of these students while they studied at NLU and is frequently invited to co-teach in their classrooms.

One comment on “NLU professor looks at the role of play in learning

  1. Actually, playfulness is the prerequisite of creativity. No one knows this better than e.g. quality management departments at big companies. Outsiders often describe their meetings as similat to “stand-up comedy”. It is only possible to learn to “think outside the box” if we allow the “jack-in-the-box” in us to pop up and out every now and then. Traditional school unfortunately (and many, esp. technical, colleges – and accountants – they are the butt of jokes anyway) discourage this kind of learning and may well be responsible for one oil spill or the other as a result of it.

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