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IME scholarship recipients celebrate community service

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Today, student recipients of Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) scholarships presented their community service experiences at NLU’s Chicago campus. Fifteen IME-Becas scholarships were awarded last fall by the Consul General of Mexico in Chicago to Harrison Fellows or Pioneer scholars in undergraduate programs as part of an effort to assist students of Mexican origin. Service comprises one important aspect in which awardees are expected to give back to the community.

“We are very proud of what we are doing and what we have been doing in the community since the very beginning,” said Monica Ramos, NLU Student Success Coach, to the awardees. “It was really needed for you to show your leadership skills and also show your passion and your commitment to your community.”

The IME-Becas scholarship program was created in 2005 by the Mexican government to support the development and self-improvement of Mexican migrants through financial resources aimed at raising educational levels, encouraging labor certification, and strengthening the institutions and organizations that offer educational programs for people of Mexican origin in the U.S., focusing primarily on low-income students.

All of the students’ efforts will be relayed to the Secretary of International Relations in Mexico and to IME officials, Ramos said. Also honored today were Harrison Fellows who participated in NLU’s Leadership Development Institute.

The list of community organizations where IME awardees volunteered includes: