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Join Peace Circle For Deeper Listening On Racial Understanding Tuesday event, first in a series, will focus on #BlackLivesMatter topic


By Wytress Richardson, Ed.D., and Mary Kelly, M.A., CAS

All are welcome to participate in the first in a series of PEACE CIRCLE events, which will take place at the Chicago Campus on Tuesday, March 24th from 6-8 pm.

The purpose of this series is to convene a diverse group of people (NLU students, alumni, and our community) for honest and respectful dialog about the Black Lives Matter Movement (racial understanding) . Trained circle-keepers will facilitate several intimate, interracial and inter-generational peace circle style conversations to foster deeper listening, understanding and respect, all precursors to real justice.
Peace Circles were inspired by both Native American and African Traditions of sharing dialogue in a circle to build unity.

RSVPs are requested but last-minute attendees are welcome.
These conversations empower further conversation outside of the circle, which leads to action. Everyone brings wisdom to a circle – -and to the world. These circle are happening in community organizations and in a variety of Kinship initiatives around the city and country and they are gaining life and momentum. People are engaging and this is hopeful because this is ultimately about how we connect….in spirit.

Our hope is that after this dialogue, participants (Current students, alumni, NLU staff, community members) will have gained exposure to a variety of perceptions and perspectives on societal and personal issues around race, racial equality, and cultural diversity and will feel empowered to continue the conversations in their homes, workplaces, communities.

The Applied Behavioral Sciences Program is sponsoring this event, which is open to all current NLU students as well as alumni, staff and members of the surrounding community.

We would be grateful to you for considering attending this event and, if you are faculty,  encouraging your students to participate. We are also looking for circle keepers (facilitators) and if you might be interested in acting in that role, please contact Mary at

Wytress Richardson, Ed.D., is Associate Professor in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at NLU and Chair of Applied Behavioral Science and College of Professional Studies and Advancement. She is also the founder and executive director of Girls of Grace Youth Center, a non-profit dedicated to mentoring and equipping girls and young women with valuable leadership skills.

Mary Kelly, MA, CAS, is Applied Behavioral Sciences faculty at NLU. She is also the founder and director of Soul~Dance, a non-profit devoted to hosting and facilitating commmunity/ organizational/group workshops, retreats, and spiritual /vocational counseling.