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Prof: Four Questions Chicago Schools Must Always Ask Catalyst-Chicago features opinion piece by NLU's Dr. Azcoitia, until recently a CPS board member



Carlos Azcoitia, Ed.D. a distinguished professor of practice at National Louis University, served on the Chicago Board of Education and recently offered his perspective to Catalyst-Chicago.

After serving on the Chicago Board of Education for two and a half years, NLU’s Carlos Azcoitia, Ed.D., has an expert perspective on the Chicago Public Schools’ situation.  As a longtime educator who has served as a school principal, Azcoitia brought rich experience and championed excellence for the huge and diverse school district.

This week, he penned an opinion column for Catalyst-Chicago, a non-profit publication which chronicles Chicago school reform, to share his perspective.

In it, he shares his analysis of the principles that must guide school board members in decision-making.

“As board members, we need to always ask — before any action is taken – are we improving quality? Are we getting the best results for our investment? Are we communicating with the people most affected by our decisions? Does it promote equity?” he wrote.

Azcoitia made a number of other points, some of which include:

  • The system needs to pay more attention to quality school options, especially neighborhood and community schools.
  • Successful practices at charter schools should be shared.
  • CPS must support early childhood education in high-need areas.
  • Partnerships with families, communities, businesses and government can help re-engage disengaged youth who might be on a path toward undesirable behaviors.
  • There must be a focus on equity and excellence with new revenue channels.

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