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Triple-Threat Alum Returned Again and Again She holds three advanced degrees from NLU

Theodorea.Berry_BlogTheodorea Regina Berry ’95 believes in the power of three.

Berry is an associate professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). She’s the director of the African American Studies Program, with expertise in the lived experiences of women educators of color. She has held leadership roles at a number of education foundations and associations and is the editor of two journals of curriculum theory.

She’s also a triple alum of National Louis University. She holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction (’95), an Ed.S. in Leadership in Curriculum and Teaching (’98), and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Social Inquiry (’02).

“My mother was an educator,” Berry explained. “I went to National Louis because I felt like I was going to get the program I really wanted.”

Not only did she get the program she really wanted, but it provided the kind of access she really needed. Employed in Germany training military personnel, she attended class thanks to an NLU campus located in Heidelberg, Germany, and U.S. military base classroom partnerships.

Two degrees later, Berry was considering her options for a doctoral program. It took a warm, determined nudge to direct Berry to her final NLU degree. When Linda Tafel, Ed.D., dean of the National College of Education, heard that Berry was interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, she called Berry to chat about the merits of the curriculum and social inquiry program. But in the days leading up to that meeting, Berry also received several calls from other faculty members.

“It seemed like every two or three days I was getting a phone call from National Louis about my application to the doctoral program.”

When Berry considered the kind of attention she was getting from NLU faculty and administrators, her choice became clear pretty quickly – back to NLU.