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Daily Herald Features International Women’s Day Event Newspaper interviewed NLU's James O'Meara, Ed.D.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.39.45 AMThe Daily Herald highlighted both local speakers and the international speakers who will be teleconferenced in by Zoom in a preview article of NLU’s International Women’s Day event March 8. The article, by Eileen O. Daday, is headlined, “Global lineup comes to Wheeling for International Women’s Day conference.”

NLU Professor James O’Meara, Ed.D., told the newspaper that with the United Nations’ Education 2030 agenda, educators need to take the lead on fostering global citizenship among individuals.

“Achieving this goal depends on the capacity of the educators to develop global citizens,” O’Meara said, as quoted in the Daily Herald. “Consequently, increasing access to international perspectives should increase the chances of all learners becoming effective global citizens — both locally and abroad.”

See the full Daily Herald story here.