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Engage and Empower Employees, Profs Urge In Honig and Legler advise managers how to retain talent in tightening job market

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-5-13-55-pmAs the job market heats up and job candidates are able to find new jobs more quickly, employers have to strategize in order to retain their talent.

They can do so by engaging employees, fostering a climate of respectful communication, providing professional development, recognizing employee contributions and rewarding employees with compensation and benefits, write Catherine Honig, Ph.D., associate professor of business and management, and Ray Legler, Ph.D., assistant professor, who teaches organizational leadership,  in an article appearing in It appeared in the website’s Excellence Essentials series.

As professors teaching students who are working adults, Honig and Legler discuss the qualities their students cite most often when speaking of what makes them value their employers. The adult students value having managers give them assignments that play to their strengths, being mentored by managers and having senior management ask for their input regarding the area of the business in which they work. They also value work-life balance.

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