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Talan, Keneman in Daily Herald: Give Teachers Cultural Competence Two profs explain importance of helping teachers become self-aware, inclusive


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.39.45 AMThe news broke last Wednesday morning about a Yale University study which detected that preschool teachers expected more misbehavior from young African-American male students than from other students.

By Wednesday afternoon, faculty members Ayn Keneman, Ed.D., and Teri Talan, Ed.D., J.D., had written a letter to the editor explaining that NLU’s early education programs  stress the importance of making budding teachers aware of their young students’ cultures. Keneman is NLU’s Early Childhood Program Coordinator and Talan is the Michael W. Louis Endowed Chair of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership.


Teri Talan, Ed.D., J.D., left, and Ayn Keneman, Ed.D., stressed the importance of educating teachers to be aware of their students’ cultural and family life.

NLU does this by integrating cultural experiences and values into teacher preparation, Keneman and Talan wrote.  It asks teacher candidates to reflect on the academic and socio-emotional needs of young children, and encourages teacher candidates to examine their own philosophies and beliefs in an effort to become self-aware and non-judgmental. The goal is to have NLU’s teacher candidates become inclusive of the cultural diversity of their future students.

The Daily Herald published the professors’ letter to the editor on Oct. 8, showcasing NLU expertise to the broader community.

View the Daily Herald letter to the editor here.