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Kane County Chronicle Profiles NLU’s Doyle, Human Services Management Program Program will prepare human services pros who get promoted into management

The Kane County Chronicle’s July 5 profile of National Louis University’s Mark Doyle focuses on his leadership of the Human Services Management program, which is launching in early September.

Doyle has worked as a professional, manager and consultant in the Human Services field for nearly 40 years. He said many professionals, such as counselors, get promoted into management and flounder because they have never learned management skills such as putting together a budget, working with Human Resources, courting funders and stakeholders or speaking to the media.

In the article, Doyle explained NLU’s Human Services Management program will train and educate those professionals to become better leaders and stewards of human services agencies, whether they be nonprofits, government agencies or something else.

Doyle has lived in St. Charles, within Kane County, for 24 years. National Louis University’s Elgin campus is also located in Kane County.

See the Kane County Chronicle article here.