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James O’Meara is a Professor at NLU and serves in executive positions for the UNESCO NGO Liaison Committee, the International Council on Education for Teaching, the World Literacy Council and the Education Futures Collaboration.

Chicago 3.0: Propelling Chicago’s education system forward

shutterstock_102586190Recently the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the results of its Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), a leading survey of education systems conducted every three years and taken by 15-year-olds in 65 countries. The results revealed that U.S. student scores are stagnant while other countries’ are improving. With this in mind, for the U.S., and Chicago specifically, to become more capable of impact on a global scale, we need to fortify our foundations through education. From a local perspective, we need a “Chicago 3.0” plan.

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