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’40 Under 40′ List of Chicago Latinos Names NLU’s Ramos Negocios Now Bilingual Newspaper Creates Its First Such List

140407-MONICA-RAMOS-008Negocios Now, a business-oriented Hispanic newspaper in Chicago, has named NLU’s Monica Ramos to its inaugural list of “Latinos 40 Under 40 in Chicago.”

Ramos is in good company, since the list also includes Jose Abreu, first baseman for the Chicago White Sox; Carina Sanchez, Chicago’s deputy clerk; Silvana Tabares, Illinois state representative from the 21st district; Dan Ponce, a WGN-TV news anchor; Julio C. Rodriguez, president of Dulcelandia Candy Stores, Susana Meza, vice president of Wintrust Bank, and other notables. Continue reading »

22 Chicago Universities Form ‘America’s Urban Campus’ NLU signs on to the effort, to brand Chicago as a premier college town


Presidents of 21 Chicago universities were present at the Jan. 11 signing of the America’s Urban Campus partnership agreement. NLU President Nivine Megahed, Ph.D., is second from right in the second row.

On Jan. 11, National Louis University joined with 21 other Chicago universities in America’s Urban Campus, a partnership designed to highlight and advance Chicago’s pre-eminence in the higher education arena.

The Chicago Community Trust coordinated the partnership among the schools, and said it will work with Choose Chicago and World Business Chicago to brand the city as a global destination for higher education.

The partnership also expects to work on issues such as economic development, civic programming, student engagement and infrastructure. Coordinating a student day of service may also be a goal.

The Chicago Community Trust funded a detailed research study which found that metropolitan Chicago’s universities “educate 216,000 students, generate $10.8 billion in local economic activity, and support 43,000 jobs,” according to the Trust.

For more information, see the Chicago Community Trust website article.

NLU Hosts 25th Reading Recovery Conference, Strategizes Ways To Help Striving Readers Experts Gather in Chicago; 14 percent of Americans can't read



Keynote speaker Baruti Kefele, an author, Milken National Educator and a principal who led transformations of four New Jersey high schools, makes a presentation at the Reading Recovery Conference.

Teachers Nancy Mills and Natasha Ridley were comparing notes and bubbling with enthusiasm as they left a session of the Reading Recovery Conference in Chicago  on Jan. 21.

The 25th annual conference, sponsored by the Illinois Reading Recovery Center for Literacy at National Louis University, brought together reading experts from around the nation to address the issue of how to teach reading. It’s a crucial one for the U.S. economy, since an illiteracy rate of 14 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Education, hamstrings efforts to develop a well-prepared labor force.

Attendees included reading teachers, classroom teachers, curriculum leaders and teacher leaders who work with children in grades K-8 and interested in improving their instructional practices, including those for children who have learning difficulties. Continue reading »

NLU President Presents With Higher Ed Leaders Dr. Megahed Asked to Participate with Five Other Leading University Presidents

nivinemegahed4_webNational Louis University President Nivine Megahed Ph.D., participated in a high-level talk Jan. 15 in Washington, D.C. with presidents of five leading universities from around the nation.

Though diverse, the universities have one thing in common. Each of their presidents is leading the school through a period of change, whether that be a rebalancing of academic offerings, a repositioning in the marketing place or a successful turnaround. Continue reading »

NLU Receives $30,000 in Scholarships From Mexico Consul, IME, Juntos Podemos Students Of Mexican heritage will be able to apply for scholarships


Dr. Ignacio Lopez, from left, Monica Haydee Ramos, NLU-IME scholars 2014-2015 Itzel Hernandez, Claudia Moreno, Mitxi Ortiz and David Rios pose with a check indicating the total amount IME awarded to local universities. NLU received $30,000.

Students of Mexican heritage will soon be apply to apply for $30,000 in new scholarship money for their undergraduate studies.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago, the Institute of Mexicans Abroad and Juntos Podemos (Together We Can) have awarded National Louis University the financial support, to be used for scholarships benefiting students who are recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Dreamers.

Scroll to the end of this article to learn how to apply for a scholarship.  Continue reading »

Transforming Yourself Through Acceptance How accepting yourself can lead to compassion and growth


By Danielle Laban, NLU Director of Student Experience

Acceptance is not the same as permission. Acceptance is the beginning of an inquiry. It is the first step on a journey, whereas permission, psychologically speaking, is allowing unhealthy behavior to continue.

Often, people confuse the two. They think that if they accept something unpleasant about themselves, or another, that they are condoning bad behavior and allowing it to continue. Instead, acceptance is living with things as they are, and then taking steps from there. Acceptance is living with oneself and others, warts and all, and then growing. Permission is suffering with something you don’t want, and feeling powerless to do something about it.

If I accept that I made a mistake or did something hurtful to someone that I love, it does not mean that I am okay to do it again, over and over. It does not mean that I permit myself to keep acting out. Rather, acceptance is the first step towards better understanding oneself and then working with what’s there. It is a call to growth, and a chance to proceed with compassion.

The Counseling Center at NLU can help with finding acceptance in difficult or stressful situations. Simply send an email to to schedule an initial meeting with one of our highly trained counselors.

Catalyst: NLU Partner AUSL Leads In Teacher Prep Article describes how NLU helped design the Academy of Urban School Leadership

preschoolclassroomA Catalyst Chicago article on the Academy of Urban School Leadership, which expects to graduate its 1,000th teacher resident in June 2017, described National Louis University’s key role in helping create the non-profit teacher incubator.

The origins go back to 2001, when Martin “Mike” Koldyke, a venture capitalist, founded AUSL.

Koldyke, who was interested in focusing on teachers, had founded the Golden Apple Foundation to recognize teacher quality six years earlier. He intended AUSL to supply the teacher pipeline of the Chicago Public Schools with excellent teachers. Continue reading »

NLU Apoya, fomenta el liderazgo entre padres de escuela primaria de CPS Profesores enseñaron sobre el sistema educativo, Estándares Comunes Estatales; Padres crean un PTO

AcadParntLeader8To view in English, click here

Muchos padres no saben cómo ayudar a sus hijos con tareas escolares, interactuar con maestros y directores o interpretar los resultados de las pruebas de sus hijos. Esta incertidumbre se intensifica para los padres inmigrantes, quienes pueden enfrentar las barreras del idioma y falta de conocimiento sobre el sistema escolar de los Estados Unidos. Además, las normas culturales del país de origen pueden haber desalentado el hacer preguntas o tener conversaciones con los profesores.

AcadParntLeader9Esas incertidumbres fueron derribadas este otoño para 19 padres en la escuela primaria Horace Greeley en el barrio de Lakeview de Chicago. La Universidad Nacional de Louis en colaboración con Chicago Public Schools’ Community School Initiative apoyan a los padres a desarrollarse como líderes y guiar a sus hijos en su camino al éxito académico. Continue reading »

NLU Prof in EdWeek: To Help Struggling Students, Use these 4 RtI Strategies Mark Shinn's EdWeek article tips to get Response to Intervention back on track in schools


Mark Shinn

NLU’s Mark Shinn, Ph.D., professor of school psychology, and colleagues authored an article on Response to Intervention in Education Week.

To see whether students are learning their mathematics or language arts, school teachers and administrators have to make decisions about how extensively to test them–including which tests, how much they cost, and how much time all this testing takes away from instruction.

And if the testing shows some students are struggling with the material, teachers and administrators then have more decisions to make–about whether to dive in with intensive instruction for a few students, review with the whole class, how extensively to review, etc. Continue reading »

Chicago Tribune: NLU Leading Way Into Careers Via Tech The Tribune quotes NLU's Aarti Dhupelia on bridging the college-to-career gap


150902-Harrison Professional Pathways Inauguration-037

NLU’s Harrison Professional Pathways students listen to a presentation. The Chicago Tribune cited the program as one which attempts to bridge the school-to-career gap.

In just four years, 47 percent of all Chicago-area jobs are projected to require an associate degree or higher, according to the National Equity Atlas. A Chicago Tribune analysis observed that Chicago high school students and young adults are ill-prepared for the job market.

Chicago’s future hinges on retooling schools for the digital age, the article said, and heralded National Louis University, along with a handful of high schools and community colleges, for “efforts to link education to the increasingly digital work world.”

Employers are struggling to find employees with the increasingly complex skills they need, the article observed. It quoted an expert saying that the Chicago region’s economy has completely changed from the days when a high school dropout could land a decent  job, and schools are just beginning to catch up to the reality of this new economic and employment landscape.

National Louis’ Harrison Professional Pathways program gives about 75 undergraduates a $10,000 annual tuition (which can be further reduced by grants)  and opportunities to blend classwork with real-world job experience in the fields of business, education, human services, criminal justice, health care and communications, the article said.

Aarti Dhupelia, NLU’s director of strategic initiatives, is quoted, discussing the challenge of enlisting employers in school-to-career pathway programs.

To see the Tribune’s story by Kathy Bergen and Mark Caro, click here.

To see the related story,”Career-oriented educational programs sprout in Chicago area but scale small,” which discusses NLU, click here. 

The stories are part of the Tribune’s Global City Chicago series, which examine’s Chicago’s ties to the world on economic, demographic, cultural and other fronts.