Consulate General of Mexico awards scholarships to benefit NLU students of Mexican origin

Carlos Martín Jiménez Macías, Consul General of Mexico in Chicago, and Monica Haydee Ramos, Student Success Coach

Carlos Martín Jiménez Macías, Consul General of Mexico in Chicago, and Monica Haydee Ramos, NLU Student Success Coach

In October, Carlos Martín Jiménez Macías, the Consul General of Mexico in Chicago, presented National Louis University with an award of $30,000 in scholarships as part of an effort to assist students of Mexican origin. NLU will award 15 scholarships of $2,000 to Harrison Fellows or Pioneer scholars in undergraduate programs.

Christine Quinn, Ph.D., Provost, accepted the award in an official ceremony along with Monica Haydee Ramos, Student Success Coach and coordinator of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME) Becas award. Under the leadership of Generosa Lopez-Molina, Ph.D., Vice Provost of Academic Programs and Faculty Development, Ramos applied for the IME award because of the organization’s strong commitment to the community and its investment in students’ success.

NLU was selected as the only higher education institution to be awarded the IME-Becas among the 13 that applied. The Student Success Coach model component was the determining factor due to its uniqueness and holistic approach.

During the ceremony, Ramos highlighted the significance of the IME-Becas award. “The IME-Becas support will significantly impact Mexican students pursuing their undergraduate degree, but not only that, this support will have a greater impact. It will impact our families and our community,” she said.

The IME-Becas scholarship program was created in 2005 by the Mexican government to support the development and self-improvement of Mexican migrants through financial resources aimed at raising educational levels, encouraging labor certification, and strengthening the institutions and organizations that offer educational programs for people of Mexican origin in the U.S., focusing primarily on low-income students.

This support would have not been possible without community partners such as the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago and the continuing support of Luis Angel Castañeda, Consul for Community Affairs, and Rebeca Aguilar, Education Programs Coordinator. This is the second year that NLU has received these funds, previously having assisted 10 Mexican students during the 2010-2011 school year.