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Reconnect, reflect, revise: Career management over the holidays

holiday job managementWith Thanksgiving coming up so quickly (though if you are like my 4 year old, not quickly enough!), it is time to be thinking about how we manage our careers during the holiday “off” time between Thanksgiving and up until we excitedly ring in the New Year. Follow these 3 R’s to get you started:

Reconnect with old supervisors, mentors and colleagues. What better way to reconnect with positive influencers in your career than by sending an e-card wishing them well? A favorite site of mine is Paperless Post, which offers *free* cards with a sleek, modern design. For those of you whom prefer the witty, funny greeting, seek out the very silly, and also free, someecards. Some may be inappropriate for the professional reconnection so be sure that you censor yourself to avoid making the wrong impression!

Reflect. Take some time to journal about your current career status. Are you loving your job and wanting to maintain the flow? Are you currently unemployed and searching for a new opportunity? Are you employed but feeling drained by the work, the people, or the environment, and envisioning a job and/or a career change? Take some time this holiday season to write down the answers to these questions. Not only will it give you the chance to brush up your writing skills, but it will also be a positive way to look inward for the meaningful answers rather than outward for the quick, but not necessarily meaningful, solutions.

Revise. Your resume will be a work in progress for the rest of your life. The best advice I’ve ever received regarding my personal marketing brochure is to fall in love with it. Yes, you read that right. Fall in love with your resume. This document speaks to who you are as a professional and is you at your best, on paper. The more time you spend focusing on your accomplishments, the more compelling your document will be. Take a look at this PowerPoint to learn how to compose bulleted accomplishment statements. Besides, writing your accomplishment statements now will help you avoid this type of awkward situation.

Even with these three new To-Do items on your list, be sure to enjoy this down time with your friends, family and loved ones. Even if the world moves so quickly, we don’t have to — taking time for thoughtful contemplation can be what sets us apart from the masses. Happy holidays, everyone!

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