The Workplace Concierge: A buddy program

Starting a new job with a new company can be exciting but it can also be intimidating.  Have you ever arrived on your first day and had questions but didn’t know who to ask for answers? For example, what do people typically do for lunch? Even further into your tenure at the new company you can still have questions for example, you’ve earned vacation time but how do you ask to use it?  Having a buddy can help with these questions.

Human Resources implemented a Buddy Program to help our new employees successfully build connections with colleagues, the NLU community and their jobs. The Buddy Program is intended to shorten the period of time it takes for a new employee to feel “more at home” with the University by helping them understand the organizational culture and their role in it.

Sara is just starting at NLU and her buddy has already contacted her to let her know where to park, how to get her ID, and where to meet for coffee on her first day.  She’s super excited to start her new job and now she’s also comfortable and confident she’ll have guidance throughout the first few months.  Sara’s buddy will give her insight into the company culture, share information about how her position fits into the strategic plan and show her around the workplace.

Sara has only just started but she knows NLU like a seasoned veteran.

About Stephanie Gigliotti

I am an HR Generalist at NLU focused on staff recruiting & HRIS among various other responsibilities. I maintain the @NLUjobs on Twitter and @NLUemployees on Instagram. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn