Changing careers: It’s more common than you think!

Thinking about changing careers? Well, you aren’t alone. A Reuters survey done in July 2013 found that “only 14 percent of U.S. workers believe they have the perfect job and more than half want to change careers.

Breaking it down even further, Reuters says, “nearly 80 percent of workers in their 20s said they wanted to change careers, followed by 64 percent of 30-somethings and 54 percent in their 40s.” I am even shocked by those statistics and I work with career changers every day!

So, what does this mean for you? If you are considering a career change, but are unsure about where to start, I recommend checking out O*Net OnLine where you will be able to take a career interest profiler that will identify careers you may consider based on your results. If you want to dive right in a get some general information about an occupation, just type the keywords into the occupation quick search at the top right side of the page and you get a number of results listed by relevancy.

Once you’ve chosen a few career paths to explore more in-depth, it is time to join LinkedIn and master the idea of self-recruiting! Watch the workshop below to really get started!