Handy holiday tips to prepare you for your diploma

diploma 2Hi. I’m the Office of the Registrar’s Sara Hoerdeman. You might remember me from such publications as the University Course Catalog and other student services Web pages. I’ll be blogging here periodically to give you a peek at what goes on behind the scenes in the Office of the Registrar, Admissions, Student Finance and more. (You’ll have to forgive the occasional pop-culture references — better here than in the policy section of the catalog, right?)

Although you wouldn’t know it from the weather outside, here in Wheeling at the main hub of the Office of the Registrar, we’re already focused on spring. Take a minute and imagine that the blanket of white outside is green grass. If part of that picture includes you as an NLU graduate, don’t wait until the snow melts to apply for your degree. You aren’t done with your program until the friendly degree auditors in the Office of the Registrar say you’re done!

So how does it work? First, visit the Degrees and Diplomas Web page and apply for your degree. If you’re completing your degree in the winter, spring or even summer, you can fill out the degree finalization form today! The form also includes your application to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Once you complete your last class and your professors post your grades, our team of degree auditors gets to work. Led by Joyce, who has worked at NLU for more than 20 years (!), the degree auditors will verify that you have met all of your degree requirements and post your degree to your transcript. The Office of the Registrar is crazy-busy during this time, and the whole process will take two to three weeks.

When the degree auditors finish their work, Bozena is up to bat. Bozena handles the printing and mailing of diplomas for everyone who has completed their degrees. Fun fact: Bozena is also fluent in Polish and handles the diplomas for our Poland campus, too. Thanks to the hard work of your degree auditors and Bozena, you’ll receive your reward for all of your own hard work at NLU — your diploma! It will arrive in the mail about six weeks after your degree date.

If you have any questions about applying for your degree, email us. And feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for any NLU processes for which you’d like a behind the scenes look.

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