Make a New Year’s resolution to use student services

shutterstock_158970188They say that hindsight is 20/20. I think of this each time I speak to new students and gush about the many services available to them. I always wish I could get these students just as excited as I am. Why? Because hindsight is 20/20, and I wish that someone had encouraged me to use all available resources when I started my own studies.

I have a distinct memory of visiting the writing lab during the semester when I took English Composition. I was perturbed, put out, and ultimately annoyed that I had to do this little activity to earn the additional 10 points I needed to get an A on my essay. After all, it was easy: show up, review my essay with the tutor, get 10 points. Probably the easiest 10 points of my college career, but I learned an even greater lesson. Through this experience, I gained this knowledge:

  • It was free. Yep, I said FREE! It opened my eyes to the many resources that were available to me as a student and I saw I wasn’t on my own. The school had strategically placed assistance to support my academia, in addition to my “whole” student experience.
  • I learned a little something about comma splices — something I used to do in my writing quite a bit. Remember, I was so determined that this wouldn’t help me? Well, didn’t I receive more than just one lesson that day.
  • Why did I begrudgingly agree to use a service through the university that ultimately made me a better writer? I don’t really know the reason, but if I could go back and thank my English professor, I would.

Now, this post isn’t about using writing tutoring. It’s about taking advantage of student services, learning support, student life and development opportunities. I wasn’t a student affairs professional when I approached that appointment at the writing center. However, now that I am, I choose to share this wisdom with you. Your school provides so many resources to support you as the “whole” student: your academic success, your professional success and your social needs. Do yourself a favor this next year and make a New Year’s resolution to use more student services, attend a free workshop, sign up for tutoring or join a student organization.

Ultimately you have nothing to lose. You never know, you might learn something that could make you a better writer, a better job candidate or a better-rounded individual. Take the leap and seize an opportunity. You’ll be better for it.

Danielle Laban

About Danielle Laban

Danielle is the Director of Student Experience at National Louis. She's an experienced student affairs professional who is focused on student success. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Northern Colorado and her Master of Arts at Roosevelt University.

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