What do you hope to accomplish in 2014?

2014A new year brings new plans and new goals. At National Louis, our faculty and staff continue to work hard in the pursuit of providing high-quality education and services to our students — and with that comes a wide range of tasks and projects, inside and outside the classroom.

For me in 2014, I will continue to work on making this blog a platform that best represents the University by showcasing the voices and stories of our students, faculty and staff. Some others at NLU shared their professional plans for the new year below. We’d love to hear yours, too. Feel free to add them in the comments!

I hope to turn students on to their own creative potential, while reminding them that writing is 10% talent and 90% sweat.
Joanne Koch, Professor of English & Director of M.S. in Written Communication program

Build relationships with current and future alumni, engaging them with the University.  Enhance communications between the University and its alumni.  We want to encourage financial support of the institution.
Jason Givan, Director of Institutional Advancement Operations

In 2014, I hope to bring even more opportunities for internships and employment to our students: working with them as soon as they arrive on campus, tailoring a search that fits their needs and values, and challenging them to explore options they may not have considered. We have some incredibly intelligent leaders on campus, there are so many jobs available, and if you’re willing to put the work in, the Career Development Office will be there to join your journey.
Emily Drake, Employer Outreach Specialist

To expand  my outreach efforts in hopes to increase the number of students using PLA programs, which in turn can help increase student retention and graduation rates among the populations that are eligible to use PLA programs.
Tracy Costello, Assistant Director of Prior Learning

I’m looking forward to my keynote address at Illinois TESOL/BE in March and my pre-conference workshop at International TESOL in Portland, OR, “How Teachers can Incorporate Music and Song into Teaching ESL.” I also enjoying building  my YouTube channel, ESL Support, with helpful videos about English language education for teachers and students of ESL.  Also, hope to sustain my new commitment to vegetarianism!
Kristin Lems, Professor & Co-Director of the ESL STEM Success Grant

Get more students to use our online tutoring tool to have a tutoring session via video-chat!
Colleen Ryan, Learning Support Specialist

I hope to complete a book on the topic of diverse career options for students who study Community Psychology. In 2013, I collected survey data from over 350 community psychologists around the country about their career trajectories and have recruited about 20 contributing authors to write stories about how to prepare for and find a variety of jobs in the field.
Judah Viola, Assistant Professor & Co-Director of Community Psychology Ph.D. Program

The Academic Advising Center is excited to announce an early alert and retention software called Starfish coming in spring 2014. It will connect student service departments with faculty and students as well as our technological resources such as D2L, Banner, Smarthinking and introduce a new scheduling software.
Courtney Bondi, Associate Director of Academic Advising

I would like to empower our SVA chapter to grow in strength and numbers through the development and execution of a business plan that enables them to leverage all of the support, advocacy and resources available from the national organization.  And secondly, I’d like to see the positioning of NLU as a leader among its peers in veteran education, as an institution dedicated not only to the implementation of best practices but also as a promoter and champions of best practices to other institutions of higher learning.  Finally, I’d like to see the number of veterans looking at education as a vocation grow so that we are recruiting the best and brightest future educators to NLU and then returning them to the city/state so they can continue to serve.
Paul Knudtson, Director of Armed Service Relations

I would like engage in more NCE cross-program collaboration. I would like to continue my work in the schools.
Madi Phillips,  Assistant Professor in School & Educational Psychology department

The P.A.C.E. Program is excited to integrate more technology into the daily lives of the students, allowing them easier access the curriculum and their community. We are looking to pilot the use of a suite of tablet or smartphone applications to keep students on track with their daily, weekly, annual and life goals, which are necessary for success in their quest for independence.
Selima Hargadon, Executive Director of the P.A.C.E. Program

My goal is to increase the use of educational technologies by our faculty when they teach. Research shows that use of educational technologies helps to engage students in the course content and are better prepared for the world in which they are going to be employed. K-12 schools are updating their educational technology each year, and we need to make sure our graduates are ready for those schools. Schools today demand that teachers have a high level of digital literacy so they can adeptly teach using 21st century strategies such as concept mapping, digital storytelling, research tools, collaborative Web sites, Web 2.0 tools, flipped classrooms, simulations, data collection and manipulation, and presentation tools such as smartboards.
Rob Bowe, Academic Technology Facilitator