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My inspiration for writing

shutterstock_146379659It is a cliché to say, “I started writing when I was a young child,” but it is true. Being diagnosed with chronic asthma at the age of five often confined me to the indoors, and there were only so many cartoons I could watch before becoming bored out of my mind. So I began to spend a lot of time reading and writing. I wrote short stories to entertain my family about growing up on a farm. I also wrote short stories with fictitious characters and pets; sometimes my pets talked and were heroes. One of my favorite pastimes was writing stories and making them into little books for gifts.

Who inspired me to write?

I was inspired to become serious about my writing when my English teacher, Ms. Spears, assigned topics for the class to write about. We had to read our stories to the class. Although she was very passionate about teaching writing, she was stern and at first I feared her. If Ms. Spears felt you weren’t doing your best, she called you out on the carpet. Ms. Spears rarely complimented her students, but she often gave constructive criticism. I was often called out to read my stories to the class.

Most of the time Ms. Spears liked my stories and complimented me; by her complimenting me, I knew that my writing had potential. She told me that I was a good writer and encouraged me to keep on writing. She assigned topics regularly, and I looked forward to writing short stories.  Ms. Spears always said, “Everyone needs to learn how to read and write well.”

In 2005, my passion for writing continued to grow, and I created a Saturday school in which I designed and implemented a creative writing program for students in grades 3 through 12. I solely financially supported this program. In this class, different writing styles were introduced, and plays, skits, poetry, and drama were also incorporated into the curriculum.

My favorite types of writing.

I tend to favor the content of books rather than one particular author, as there have been so many writers, poets and playwrights who have influenced me. Some of my favorite books are inspirational, motivational and life-changing, and some of my favorite books have been made into movies. I want to be the author who writes powerful stories and shares information so well that it keeps my readers coming back for more. Every book has the potential to make a positive impact on its readers.

There is an old saying that writing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Inspiration is not just a desirable characteristic of a writer, it is an integral part of the writing process. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. Every writer needs to find some inspiration in order to produce a quality piece that has substance. Writing definitely requires a lot of hard work and determination, and when it flows smoothly, there is nothing more satisfying and gratifying.

How has writing helped me in my studies and in my career?

I enrolled in the Master of Science in Written Communication program here at NLU because I want to hone in on my writing techniques. Each class I complete improves my talent. Being able to write well is imperative to my career, as I aspire to author best-sellers. Acquiring adept skills that will assist me in securing gainful employment by perfecting my writing skills is of the utmost importance to me and my family. I have noticed considerable improvement in my writing since I enrolled in this program. I am very confident and strongly believe this program greatly enhances me launching a successful writing career.

10 comments on “My inspiration for writing

  1. Johnnie, this is a very very good article. You will do well as a writer because you write such interesting articles and you write with a passion that people can feel when they read your work. I will be coming back to read all of your posts. You are a true inspiration. Wishing you much success in writing career. I hope NLU reward you for all of your hard work.

  2. Hello Joycie, thanks for such a nice compliment. I am honored and grateful to be afforded the opportunity to write for the blog. I am gaining a lot of experience, exposure, and having fun doing so. Please continue to frequent my post and thanks for your support and encouragement.

  3. I am returning reader. You always impress me with your views on different topics. I have to agree with you on what you said about liking a range of books rather than one particular author. I am an avid reader and this article caused me to think if I had a group of authors I liked and I couldn’t come up with many names but I am a fan of a wide range of writers. Have you written any books, Johnnie? I would definitely be interested in adding your content into my collection if that is at all possible.

  4. Johnnie you hit the nail on the coffin when you said writing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I am learning that the more I read the better a writer I will become. How do you keep your passion for writing? Are you in a writing group? Do you still teach classes/workshops? I know that you are in the master’s program now, which I know is very intense. Do you still write-outside of school? If so, how do you find the time to dedicate to it? Overall I must say that I am very impressed with your monthly blog posts! I am very drawn to your postings and I look forward to reading them each month!!

  5. Hello Marie, thank you for reading my blog post. I appreciate your compliment and support.

  6. Hello Ashley, keeping my passion for writing is easy because I have been writing for a long time and most of the time it comes natural. However, there are times when I am challenged to write and what helps me is my involvement in a few writing groups.They offer such good feedback and encouragement. I do teach classes and workshops whenever I am asked to do so.

    The Master of Science in Written Communications program is definitely intense. I have less time to write when I am in class, I basically journal, write poetry or a skit. What helps me stay focused and organized is sticking to my schedule. When I commute to and from work, I read and write. When the weather is bad and I don’t have to be out, I stay in and read and write, and on the weekends, I read and write. I have to prioritize my work and stay on my schedule. Again, Ashley, thank you for your continuous support.

  7. Johnnie, you write such beautiful and inspiring articles; yet you share so much great information about yourself. You are definitely a very gifted writer and I thank God for you. Just know that God is using you in an awesome way to encourage others. I pray that you are generously rewarded for your hard work and that you will continue to do well in your studies. I am looking forward to reading your next article.

  8. Hello Samuel, thank you for your support. I have self-published one motivational book many years ago entitled, “You Are Not Alone,” wherein I shared some insight about my spiritual walk. I am currently working on self-publishing two poetry books. I will be making them available for purchase on my personal blog. I will provide this information to you when I have accomplished this task. Again, thank you so much for your support.

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