Giving credit where credit is due: The NLU transfer credit team

Transfer team

NLU’s transfer team: (l-r) Danielle, Hanna and Anita

Maybe you’ve seen the NLU billboard on the Tri-State, perhaps you’ve heard our advertisements on The Mix (yeah, I love Eric and Kathy, too), or possibly you’ve even attended one of our events. So, you already know that NLU is a great place for transfer students. Here’s the deal on what happens behind the scenes when you transfer to NLU and the fantastic tools and team that help you make the most of your credit.

In the Office of the Registrar, Hanna is the queen of transfer credit. (Fun Fact: Hanna’s husband also works at NLU — does that make him the king?) Hanna and her sisters team, Danielle and Anita, make sure that students bringing previous college experience to NLU receive the maximum amount of credit toward their degrees. Plus, they have provided two fantastic tools that you can use even before you apply to NLU, Transfer Articulation Guides and Transferology.

NLU has more than 100 program articulation agreements with community colleges and other institutions. If you are currently attending one of those schools, the Transfer Articulation Guides are the tool for you. If you have a mixed bag of college credit from different schools, Transferology is your best bet. Just plug in your credit and see how close you are to an NLU degree! (Pssst — If you want some help with either of these tools, your enrollment specialist would be happy to help.)

Hanna and her crew keep these tools up to date, but when you are admitted to NLU, they are also the ones who make it all official. Danielle and Anita will scour your transcripts and make sure all applicable credit gets transferred to your new NLU program. These ladies give credit where credit is due and help get you well on your way to earning your NLU degree.