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Step 2 in any career search: Take action!

shutterstock_65840998We already learned from Emily Drake that the first step to any job search is getting to know yourself. What do I do next? Take action! Communicate, communicate, communicate. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is to effectively share who you are, why you are credible, and why you are interesting.

Here are 3 ways to Take Action:

Prepare what to say – 

  1. Build Your Branding Statement using tools available on the CDO Web page.
  2. Students and Alumni: Complete the 30-Second Pitch Module in Screenshot 2014-04-17 13.52.23(Log into your portal, select the Student Services tab, click the Orange/Blue CareerBeam icon, and click “Pitch” in the “Getting the Job” drop down menu).


  1. Create a list of companies, organizations, agencies, schools anywhere you are interested in learning more about. Then, research specific people in those organizations that you can attempt to contact.
  2. Use Google searches to identify organizations that do what you want to do. For example, search for early childhood education research.
  3. The Career Development Office has relationships with a number of employers who may be of interest to you. Attend the Spring Career Expo happening on April 29th to begin meeting with employers face-to-face.

Networking – 

  1. Informational Interview Tutorial – Learn how to build relationships with people to increase knowledge and get advice.
  2. Did you know LinkedIn has a search function specifically geared toward connecting you with your school’s alumni?  What about  tip sheets and videos specifically for college students? NOW is the time to build your brand online!
  3. Students and Alumni: Complete the Networking for Your Career module in Screenshot 2014-04-17 13.52.23 (Log into your portal, select the Student Services tab, click the Orange/Blue CareerBeam icon, and click “Networking” in the Career Planning drop down menu).

Regardless of what field or career you choose to pursue, once you have fully developed your career focus it is time to share your focus with the professional world.

Know yourself, know your focus, and now take action.

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  1. Yeah, Job search is to let the others know you and understand you! So, take action!!! Helen, thank you for sharing this information.

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