What I hope to do with my master’s

shutterstock_191262146Being halfway through the awesome M.S. in Written Communication (MSWC) program, I have already created and begun implementing a post-graduation plan of action. A few months ago I took advantage of the adept services offered by the Career Development Office here at NLU and had my resume critiqued. My job has now become looking for a job, and the CDO was instrumental in assisting me in crafting a first-class resume that I can submit with total confidence to potential employers.

My preparation in between my studies

In April 2015, I will begin the process of applying for a teaching position as an adjunct professor at local colleges and universities. Once I have completed the MSWC program and graduate in June 2015, I will have the credentials to teach English Composition to incoming college freshmen. I’m looking forward to this career opportunity because I have taught adults before and found the experience to be fulfilling and rewarding.

I’m also pursing writing opportunities to have my articles, reflections, non-fiction, fiction and poetry published and my plays and movies produced. My current classes are preparing me for success in this endeavor, as I research which publications are interested in publishing my work, find an agent and write inquiry letters.

As a graduation gift to myself, I will take a trip to Mackinac Islands and the Wisconsin Dells to relax and celebrate my accomplishment. I also plan to spend time with family and friends before pursuing a rigorous Ph.D. program.

My plan of action

  • Thoroughly research universities for the Ph.D. program that I plan to pursue
      • Contact each university and request information about my field of study
      • Make appointments to speak with enrollment counselors
      • Schedule campus visits
  • Select my four top universities choices
      • Apply for admission
  • Began preparing to take the GRE
      • Create a study schedule and adhere to it
  • Attend NLU career events and degree-planning workshops
  • Become a member of the alumni network
      • Keep in touch with the alumni network
  • Attend networking seminars and began making connections

Deciding what to do once you receive your master’s degree can be a daunting decision and the most common preference is to get a job.; however, that is not the only option. For example, accepting an internship or volunteering can provide valuable experience and a credible strategy to build your resume. I volunteer as a writer for this blog for the experience to become a better writer by being afforded opportunities to write on a variety of topics.

Ask yourself if you need any additional education to secure your ideal job. Do you want to take a break from grad school and get a job? There is no right or wrong answer, and there is no need to make a hastily decision that you may regret. Carefully decide what you want to do and pursue it.

I remind myself that there is no decision that I make about my profession that cannot be modified. I am learning not to be so rigid with my career goals that I blindly refuse to consider other factors that may be vital in assisting me in accomplishing my dreams. For the most part, there is usually more than one way to successfully accomplish anything. And sometimes the method that we choose may not be the most efficient and effective.  We have to take our time, look at the entire picture, and consider all factors before making such an important decision about our lives and career goals.

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  1. Johnnie, I really enjoy reading your articles especially because they are from a student’s prospective.They are well-written, educational, informational, and make you think about your future. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Loved it, Johnnie! I was wondering which rode to take as far as volunteering, and you just made it clear that it would benefit me in the long run.

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