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CPS eighth-graders, NLU psychology students share experiences

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On Thursday, May 29, 50 eighth-grade students from Burroughs Elementary School in Brighton Park on the southwest side of Chicago visited with the students in my LAP 202: Psychology of Middle Childhood and Adolescence class at NLU. The purpose of the visit was twofold: to provide the younger students with a chance to visit a college campus and talk with college students about post-secondary education and to provide my students the chance to talk with a group of young people from the population they are studying.

The Burroughs students came prepared with questions about going to college, choosing a major, financial aid and other related issues. My students answered their questions and talked with the 12- and 13-year-olds about their impending transition to high school and the need to start thinking now about their post-secondary options. The Burroughs students also listened to a presentation about attending college by Jennifer Kozuch of the NLU Office of Student Services and were given a brief tour of our downtown campus. Overall it seemed that both groups of students benefited from meeting with each other and enjoyed the experience.