Triumph in the face of transition

shutterstock_101575579As summer draws near, many of us will face major changes in our academic and professional lives. Some members of our community will participate in commencement, others will begin internships or new employment, and still others will continue their studies with new courses. While transition is a natural part of life, it can produce fear of the unknown as well as excitement for new growth opportunities. Recognizing these feelings and using the following strategies can prepare you for a seamless and successful transition.

1.      Align your Attitude

Choose to be positive, open-minded and curious as you learn the culture of the environment you are entering. Contribute actively to morale and the overall health of those around you.

2.      Use your Skills

Bring the knowledge, technical abilities and relationship-building talents you have built to your next phase. Apply the skills you have and always be open to learning more.

3.      Stay Connected

Invest time and effort in maintaining the friendships and professional contacts you have.  Seek out new networks as you transition and look for shared experiences among those around you.

Like many of you, the Office of Student Experience is re-imagining our mission to better serve the needs of the NLU community. With new staff that bring diverse student affairs experience and an ambitious strategy for student programs and resources, our office will maximize its impact during this period of transition. We are so excited to share our ideas and are eager to hear yours!

How will you embody these strategies and meet change head-on during your next transition?