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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

An exciting spring semester has come to an end and I am closer to accomplishing the degree that I am diligently pursing.  Now the big question is, “What am I going to do for the summer?”  I usually spend a good portion of my summer catching up on my reading.  I organize my reading in three categories:  academics, inspirational, and pleasure.

What I have been reading?  I just finished reading two very good academic textbooks from my “Online Publishing” class.  The textbooks were:  Producing Online News, Digital Skills, Stronger Stories” by Ryan M. Thornburg.  I learned how to use the right tools to get the right information to the right people in a timely manner.  I also learned how to produce stories using multimedia, interactivity, and on-demand delivery.  I was introduced to features that make stronger stories and the significant impact the latest pertinent technology tools such as:  Twitter, WordPress, Audacity, Caspio, Dipity and more – so that my writing gain more immediacy and impact.  Invest in this book if you have a serious desire to become an efficient and effective online journalist.

Letting Go of the Words“Letting Go of the Words, Writing Web Content that Works” by Janice (Ginny) Redish, has significantly improved my online writing content for my blogs, my websites, and other writings.  The author helped me understand how writing for the web is different, and how equal attention must be given to the audience, the crucial details of my articles, and the proper text formatting.  This book is ideal for anyone working with web development and web content.

What I plan to read?  I have several books that I want to read in a short period of time so I began my reading immediately.  For my inspirational reading, I  decided to read, “Instinct:  The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive” by T.D. Jake.  Instinct The Power to Unleash your Inborn DriveHe is a bestselling author and one of my favorites.  I try to read all of his books as they provide a profound revelation of living a more fulfilled, enriched, and prosperous Christian life.  For my pleasure reading, “Orphan Train” a novel by Christina Baker Kline, has captured by attention.  Kline is another bestselling author. This novel is about orphan trains that ran between 1854 and 1929 carrying thousands of abandoned children who hoped to be adopted by families.  Lastly, I will be reading, “Herbs that Heal” by Dr. H. K. Bakhru.  This book discusses how there are 107 different herbs that can be used in the successful treatment of different illnesses.

How I keep my mind engaged during the summer months?  I keep my mind engaged by frequently checking my NLU email and taking advantage of social media that will be instrumental in reminding me of upcoming activities, events, crucial mandatory deadlines and other tasks.  Regularly checking my email messages gives me a jump start on reviewing my class syllabuses for the upcoming term so that I can order my books, and began reviewing and reading my class assignments.  Throughout the summer, I will periodically communicate with the Financial Aid Office, my advisor, and professors to ensure that I am taking the correct classes and doing what I need to do to graduate on time.  I will also be staying in touch with several of my classmates in the program regarding class schedules. Maintaining open communication with my family and peers helps keep me focused, on task, and engaged.

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  1. Hey Johnnie, i look forward to reading your monthly articles, they are always a good insightful read and you offer good information and very useful tips. Thank you for taking the time to share, your hard work is very much appreciated. all of your summer reading sounds so good, I will read Orphan Train.

  2. Johnnie, Summer Reading is a great post as all of your posts are. I don’t know what book I’m going to read yet but for sure I’m reading one that you talked about. I really really like the info you shared about staying engaged.

  3. Johnnie- Summer Reading is an enjoyable and educational read. I especially liked what you shared on how you stay engaged during the summer. During the summer i take a break from everything and just hangout.T.D. Jakes is also one of my favorites authors, I’m going to read the book you mentioned and the herbs that heal book. Great article.

  4. Hello Johnnie, I agree with you that summer time is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. You have suggested some very interesting books. I’m going to read T.D. Jakes’ book, he’s one of my favorite authors too. I can feel your passion in writing when I read your articles. Keep on letting God use you to bless a multitude. I will continue to pray that God will open up doors for you to use your gifts on much bigger and broader scale and that you will get the job you want – the job you deserve. Stay strong and stay encouraged.

  5. Hello C. Moore, thank you for such a nice compliment and your support. I love sharing good information and I am very grateful when it is useful to others. Orphan Train is an interesting and enjoyable read.

  6. Johnnie you write very good articles. I went back and read them all. They are all have good information for students. Thank you for sharing.

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