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Why I Love NLU Students


Wow. What a start to Fall 2014. I just love our students. Honestly, they are the reason I get up in the morning, bounce along on the train and take a lovely walk from Union Station. I’ve been in Student Affairs for close to 15 years and I still get excited each new school year, including goose bumps of excitement as the buzz of returning students infects the campus.

I’m proud to say that I hope to be the NLU Difference. In a previous blog, I shared some of my vision for the National Louis Student Experience this year.  Last week, the Student Experience Team visited each campus with gifts, food and excitement to tell you all about our plans for this year. We had such a great time conversing with students, trying out a little Zumba (don’t worry, we won’t quit our day jobs), and displaying our blue and platinum pride.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I love NLU students:

  1. NLU students are open to change, trying new things, and having a little fun!
  2. NLU students have an exceptional interest in developing their leadership skills. I am confident each of the students who has committed to the National Society of Leadership & Success will greatly impact student leadership on campus over the next several years.
  3. NLU students are not afraid to stand up and ask for a better student experience. As the term progresses, if you have an idea, feedback, or a comment regarding activities and events that are happening on campus, please share it.

My commitment to you is that my team will provide you with an exceptional student experience. The Student Experience Team designs our programming and efforts around our students. Help us grow and impact students across the University by joining activities, coming to events, and sharing your feedback and ideas. Thank you for taking part in your student experience and giving me the fortunate experience of going to a job I love!

We bleed blue and platinum, do you? Go NLU!

Danielle Laban

About Danielle Laban

Danielle is the Director of Student Experience at National Louis. She's an experienced student affairs professional who is focused on student success. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Northern Colorado and her Master of Arts at Roosevelt University.