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Naperville Magazine Profiles Alum Who Helps Homeless Get Back On Feet


Michael CobbMichael Cobb sees his job as providing much  more than a bed for the homeless–although his position as executive director of Hesed House in Aurora, the largest shelter in Illinois outside Chicago, encompasses that.

Cobb, who is president of National Louis University’s Alumni Board, also oversees a full range of services to help people take back their lives, according to a profile of him this month in Naperville Magazine.

Those services include career support, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, housing case management, legal guidance and access to medical care at an on-site clinic.

Cobb is a double graduate of NLU. He received his B.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences in 1992 and his M.S.  in Management in 1998.

Both Cobb and his wife Evelyn are registered ministers, but Cobb ministers mainly to the guests at Hesed House these days.  One of his greatest joys, according to the article, is seeing homeless guests take advantage of the opportunities Hesed House provides to get a job and then create one of his world’s most beautiful sounds–the jangling of keys to their new apartments.