California Alum Presents Early Literacy Program To Students


By Ayn Keneman, Ed.D.


Mary Kay Moskal, Ph.D., an NLU alum, returned to present a talk on early literacy to students.

Early Childhood students of NLU’s Ayn Keneman, Ed.D., were treated to a session with  Mary Kay Moskal, Ph.D., on early literacy assessment. Moskal is from the Kalmanovitz School of Education at Saint Mary’s College of California. NLU’s Early Childhood students are all in schools as part of the practicum undergraduate course.

Moskal is an alum of NLU, having received her master’s and doctorate from National College of  Education. She is the former Director of the Reading program and Co-Director of the literacy clinic at St. Mary’s.  Additionally,  Keneman and Moskal co-authored Literacy Leadership to Support Reading Improvement ( Guilford Press).

Moskal created her early literacy presentation with the students and centers in mind. In this way, the students can immediately implement these research-based strategies with their students in the centers.


Students Dinika Johnson and Raisa Adler listen to the early literacy presentation.

“With the national agenda focused on early childhood education, there is critical need to focus on assessment and the young learner as we help all teacher candidates become future leaders,” Moskal said.

The students offered positive comments about this valuable experience that Dr. Moskal provided at NLU.