Racing To Retain Teachers To Meet UN Global Literacy Goals


TeacherReadingIs it still possible to meet the UN’s goal of having every child worldwide learn to read by 2015? NLU Professor James O’Meara points out in this University World News commentary that the high teacher attrition rate in many nations, including the U.S., has led to a shortage of 4 million teachers. That makes it likely the UN will push the goal to 2030; however, there could be a worldwide shortage of 23.7 million teachers by then.

Much hangs in the balance, because a populace which can read can also get better nutrition and healthcare, obtain better jobs,  participate in civic life and work towards a better future.

O’Meara encourages all to submit their ideas for creative ways to tackle the teacher attrition crisis in the Chicago Declaration, a document discussed at the Nov. 20-21 Chicago Dialogue, co-sponsored by NLU and GEMS World Academy in Chicago.

Find out more in the University World News column.