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Grad Student Argues In Huff Post Ed Blog For Assessments Micah J. Miner says they've helped his incarcerated students learn


2015-03-03-1425403893-3298990-micah_miner-thumbWhen NLU doctoral student Micah J. Miner went to talk to Congressional staff in Washington on Feb. 9, he told of his experiences teaching in a real-world Chicago Public Schools alternative classroom with incarcerated students.

Miner, a doctoral student in Curriculum, Advocacy and Policy, wrote in the Huffington Post Education Blog that because  the students stay in the program from a few days to a couple of years, a computer-adapted assessment gives him key information about them, such as academic strengths and weaknesses and reading level.

Miner cited the example of a student he called Thomas, who was in Miner’s class for a year. The assessment helped Miner gauge Thomas’ reading level and enabled him to place him in the right instructional groups. Thomas knew he would be taking the same test three times a year; he worked hard and showed 1.5 years of reading growth the next time he took the test. Thomas was found not guilty and is a high school senior on track to graduate in June.

“If I can get my students re-engaged in the classroom, the likelihood of them getting caught in the revolving door of the juvenile and adult criminal justice system is that much less,” Miner wrote.

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