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Columnist Cites NLU Veterans Program As National Model Student veterans' engagement rates, employment rates are rising

veteranschart-380x380NLU’s Veterans Program is getting national attention for its results.

Michael Schindler, a columnist for, an online news partner of The Seattle Times, referenced NLU in a column about offering military-connected students resources to help them succeed.

“Studies show that when community-based resources collaborate with college-based services, veteran involvement and graduation success rates improve considerably,” he wrote May 31.

“National Louis University, based out of Chicago, found that when they deployed this approach, NLU’s student veterans demonstrated an 84 percent engagement rate, a 34 percent improvement in term-to-term retention rates, and an 87 percent employment rate.”

Paul Knudtson, NLU’s Director of Armed Services Relations, said the engagement rate reflects the degree to which NLU’s military-connected students tap into the wraparound services NLU offers. For example, a student who has just lost his or her apartment can tap into the housing assistance portion of the wraparound services.

Other services available include help with financial need, academic advising, mental health, counseling, general health, legal services and spiritual services.

“We try to remove obstacles that might cause a military-connected student to want to take a term off,” Knudtson said. “Taking a term off is the greatest indicator that the student will not come back to complete their degree.

“With being able to remove these obstacles through the delivery of wraparound services, we are seeing more students stay in school and graduate.”