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Students Present Community Service Projects to Mexican Consul Those who had scholarships from Mexican government completed requirements

By Monica Ramos


Itzel Hernandez, from left, Mitxi Ortiz, Claudia Moreno, David Rios and Juliana Alejandre spoke about their community service, a component of receiving their IME awards.

The government of Mexico created the IME Scholarship Program in 2005 in order to raise the educational levels of the Mexican and of Mexican-descent population living in the United States. Since then, Mexico has awarded 10 million pesos (about $643,000) annually to non-profit social organizations or educational institutions with education and training programs or support to higher education, for Mexican immigrants interested in starting, continuing or completing their studies.

On June 4, the 2014-2015 IME (Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior) Scholars presented their community service projects as part of the last phase of IME becas. NLU students, families and Rebeca Aguilar, Coordinator of Education programs in the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago were present. Dr. Ignacio Lopez, NLU’s Vice provost, welcomed the participants and highlighted NLU’s commitment to community engagement and student leadership. Monica Ramos thanked the scholars on their professionalism and the good work on representing NLU in the community. Rebeca Aguilar spoke very highly about the students and the impact they had in the different programs in which they participated.

MexicanScholarsIMD06042015NLU students presented videos and testimonials about the service they provided to the Mexican community. At the end of the ceremony the participants celebrated the success of the IME program with traditional Mexican food.