NLU’s New Quality, Low-Cost Education Model is Genius Creates 'Pathways' to College and Career Success

shutterstock_143025157By Stephanie Poczos

Everywhere you turn, news headlines proclaim the preposterously high cost of earning a college degree. Higher education is struggling to adapt to today’s challenging financial times. As part of the evolving landscape, National Louis is presenting a new model for education—one designed around you.

With this model, we are addressing the needs of our incoming students in three ways. First, we are lowering the cost, so your tuition will come to $10,000 per year. Students at certain income levels may be eligible for aid, which will reduce the net cost to zero.

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Second, NLU is committed to granting college access to students who traditionally believed that they could not afford higher education. Many of these students have responsibilities outside of school, including work and caring for family members. So we included flexible scheduling when designing this new quality, affordable degree.

Enter blended learning. In the blended learning model, some coursework and active learning occur in a physical classroom, and some online. This is how NLU’s Professional Pathways program is going to be delivered, starting in Fall 2015. Students will come to campus two days a week to attend class, labs, group work and workshops often led by practicing professionals and instructors. We know life can be challenging, so our flexible schedules allow for a work/life/home balance.

Another thing we considered when we created this model was the value you, our students, will get from a bachelor’s degree at National Louis University. We want every dollar, every moment spent, every word written while at NLU to matter to students personally, academically and professionally.

Your first two years are planned and taken with a cohort, which takes the guesswork out of choosing your schedule. It also saves money in the long run because all of your classes count–not just on your transcript, but in the world outside of school.

We believe students should grow personally and professionally in this program. We will provide you with a coach who stays with you throughout your studies. That coach will help you to connect the dots on how your learning will make you stronger and more capable at work and at home. The competencies you develop in the first two years are professionally relevant and reflect the needs of the marketplace. You will graduate ready to face any challenge. And we are behind you every step of the way!

Stephanie Poczos is the director of NLU’s Harrison Professional Pathways Program.