Why College is Life of Pie, And How To Get Your Ice Cream College is the time to join a club, try something new, make a friend

french apple pie tarte ice cream

By Danielle Laban, NLU Director of Student Experience

College is like apple pie. Apple pie is always better a-la-mode, with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream!

One of the greatest shifts you’ll experience coming from high school to college is the variety of choices available to you, all of which are optional and extra opportunities to grow and have fun beyond the classroom! With great freedom comes a risky trap some students fall into, which is not participating in any of the extra activities, events, or programs.

Here’s what you’re missing if you order your pie without a-la-mode:

  • The social opportunities are endless. You could make a friend for life, meet new people and be introduced to new experiences!
  • You could find your life’s passion, decide where you see yourself growing professionally, or open the door to a work opportunity. I’m doing what I do today because I took the leap to be an orientation leader 15 years ago. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself when you join something new!
  • With the freedom of college comes the excitement of starting something new. You have the flexibility to start clubs, organize activities and partner with other students and the University to make a great experience for yourself and your classmates.
  • Each opportunity you face is one where you could learn transferable skills to help you market yourself professionally when you start looking for the first job to kick off your career. Don’t underestimate the power of volunteering, signing up for internships or growing your leadership skills through the programs on campus.

Grab a spoon and heap some ice cream up on that slice of pie. YOU can have the best student experience if you take the leap and jump in with willingness to discover your new self, growing into a vibrant college student!

Danielle Laban

About Danielle Laban

Danielle is the Director of Student Experience at National Louis. She's an experienced student affairs professional who is focused on student success. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Northern Colorado and her Master of Arts at Roosevelt University.