You Learn Differently From Others, So Find Your Learning Style Did you know there are five ways to take notes?

By Amanda DaSilva, Associate Director of Student Development

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.33.04 PMWelcome back to school, NLU Eagles!

While it’s hard to believe, the time has come to trade the beach for the books. Are you ready to retire as grillmaster and adjust back to student mode? Getting a jump on effective study skills can ease this transition and make you productive from the start!

Reflecting on your study habits, what has worked well for you? Are there areas where you want to change the routine? Learning is impacted by many factors, including some that you might be overlooking. Check out the resources below to assess your current study methods and gain tips for more effective studying this year.

  1. Study within your preferred Learning Style: Are you trying to memorize concepts aloud when seeing pictures would work better? Do you ever feel like the information is just not sinking in? Take this short quiz to discover your preferred style and find ways to study that fit you.
  2. Manage your environment: What distractions could be getting in the way of your best studying? Explore these easy techniques to enhance your study setting for better academic performance.
  3.  Listen Up! How do your listening skills measure up when facing a long lecture? Brush up on the basics and add some new tools to your skillset so you’re finely tuned for Fall.
  4. Take notes like a pro: Did you know there are multiple note-taking styles, and (see #1) using the one that best fits you can make learning quicker and less stressful? Check out this fun video to explore a new style and uncover your secret study weapon.
  5. Use your resources: NLU offers customized study support, tutoring and more through Library and Learning Services,

NLU is eager to help make this your best term yet. Now put down the popsicle and get to work!

Danielle Laban

About Danielle Laban

Danielle is the Director of Student Experience at National Louis. She's an experienced student affairs professional who is focused on student success. Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Northern Colorado and her Master of Arts at Roosevelt University.