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Take Action to Keep Teachers from Quitting, Suggests Prof to UNESCO Dr. James O'Meara outlines a solution to teachers' high attrition rates

Teacher_ShortageWhile 150,000 teachers are trained each year in the U.S., half of them quit within the first five years, write NLU Professor James O’Meara, Ed.D., in the Education for All section of The figure comes from Education International.

Educators blame the usual suspects–heavy workloads, long hours, a lack of training and support. O’Meara points out that “we must pay attention to retention.” One way to do so is through deploying Teacher Leaders to support beginning teachers.

O’Meara observes that strong support in the first 90 days can give students a tremendous boost. He cites Carnegie’s “Start Strong” program  with breaking down students’ “I can’t do this” mindsets and helping them make significant educational achievements. Likewise, O’Meara suggests developing a First 90 Days program for teachers, using Teacher Leaders to support new teachers  when they don’t know what to do next. O’Meara is seeking individuals interested in developing such a 90-day plan.

With UNESCO projecting a need for 27.3 million new teachers worldwide by 2030, the need is critical.

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