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How I Published Three Journal Articles From My Dissertation A doctoral graduate urges students to give it a try

By Robert Sky Allen, Ph.D.


Robert Sky Allen, Ph.D., completed his doctoral dissertation and then submitted it as three separate articles in peer-reviewed journals. All were published.

Over the three years of the doctoral program in Community Psychology at National Louis University, my professors occasionally asked if I wanted to convert the research from my dissertation into an article for publication in an academic, peer-reviewed journal.

I always said no. I was too focused on completing the program and I hardly had time for that. But then one day, suddenly it seemed, the program was over and I found myself looking for something intellectual to do.

I actually was able to turn my dissertation into three separate manuscripts and I submitted them for publication. Granted, it took over a year for two articles to find a good home. But the third article went from submission to publication in approximately two months.

My advice to students at NLU is this. When you are asked by your professors to do something that’s out of your comfort zone, don’t be too quick to say no. Think yes instead.


Allen is a licensed psychotherapist in the Outpatient Substance Abuse program of Regional Mental Health Center, East Chicago, Indiana. He obtained his Ph.D. in Community Psychology from National Louis in 2014. He also holds an M.A. in Social Psychology from Ball State University (1994), an M.A. in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Lincoln Christian University (1986) and a B.A. in Christian Ministries from Lincoln Christian University (1976).

His work can be found in the current issue of Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy, and an upcoming issue of International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

Here are links to the first and second articles, written in cooperation with Bradley Olson, Ph.D., and acknowledging contributions from Judah Viola, Ph.D., Suzette Fromm Reed, Ph.D., and Tiffeny Jimenez, Ph.D. The third article is awaiting publication.