When Dad Spoke To Alum In a Dream, She Listened Writer Beth Schaefer teaches at NLU, founded a publisher and even a fake university

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 5.16.21 PMWhat does it mean when a deceased parent appears to you in a dream, but you can’t hear the words they’re saying?

NLU alum Beth Schaefer divined the meaning right away. Her dad was telling her that even though she had a career going in corporate writing, she could no longer silence her creativity, which was trying to emerge, writes Rick Kogan in the Chicago Tribune.

Schaefer, who earned her M.S. in Written Communication degree from National Louis last year and now teaches in the program,  grew up in a gifted family. With her mother an actress and a vocalist on Chicago’s club scene and her dad a fiction and poetry writer, the arts and creativity colored her universe. Schaefer herself had taken to the stage as an award-winning singer-songwriter earlier in her career.

Now she has founded a publishing company and written several books–from comic send-ups “Trump for Principal: A Children’s Book for American Grownups” and “The Nutty Years of the Jon Stewart Presidency in a Nutshell” to the children’s book, “I Wish I Had a Dad (and an xbox).”

In addition, Schaefer founded a fictional university, Whimsor College, as a platform for creative endeavors.

Find out more about Schaefer’s pursuits in Rick Kogan’s article.