Keneman, Winter, San Filippo, Bazik Win Faculty Awards NLU presents awards for teaching, service and adjunct faculty


Jeffrey Winter, Ph.D., and Ayn Keneman, Ed.D. both won the 2015 National Louis University faculty award for teaching excellence.

NLU had two winners of its Excellence in Teaching Award in 2015: Ayn Keneman, Ed.D., and Jeffrey Winter, Ph.D., were both recipients.

The Excellence in Service and Engagement Award went to David SanFilippo, Ph.D., and the adjunct faculty Excellence in Service and Engagement Award went to Edna Bazik, Ph.D.

Ayn Keneman has been an Associate Professor in the National College of Education since 2000.  She uses her professional experience as an elementary school teacher in New Jersey, Georgia, and Illinois to create scenarios for her students of real-life classroom situations.

Keneman teaches both undergraduate and graduate students, and has developed several courses in the Reading and Language and Early Childhood Education programs at NLU. She models the use of technology for her students to encourage them to implement technology in their own teaching. In 2014 she was invited to the National Technology Leadership Summit hosted by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education,  the goal of which was “to accelerate the meaningful impact of digital technologies in education for the 21st century.”  Students say Keneman’s mentorship encourages them to  find their individual perspective and voice as educators. The learner-centered environment in her classroom engages all of her students.

“(Keneman) recognizes that each student has different strengths and weaknesses and her experience working with students with special needs was beneficial to me and a few of my classmates,” wrote one of her graduate students. “I am a better student, teacher and person because I had Dr. Keneman as my teacher.”

Jeffrey Winter is an Associate Professor in the National College of Education and has been faculty at NLU since 1990. Students appreciate his creativity in instruction, such as  dressing up as historical figures when teaching about the history of education. Such techniques empower students to incorporate the arts into their own curriculum. As one student explained, “His enthusiasm kept the class constantly engaged and his mentorship truly inspired my passion for teaching and has been indispensable in my development as a teaching professional.”

A colleague noted, “One of the most impressive research projects Dr. Winter designed was one in which he studied the effects of requiring his students to teach a technology-rich lesson during their student teaching.” Through that assignment, he enabled students to become more comfortable with technology and how to apply it in their own classrooms.

Several of his students observed that his guidance helped them navigate challenges to become successful, confident and effective teachers. One wrote, “He is truly a professional and seasoned teacher who was highly accessible and responsive to his students. He was by far the best professor I had at NLU and the person who had the biggest impact on my education there.”

SanFilippoConnections2015David SanFilippo is an Assistant Professor in the College of Professional Studies and Advancement, and has been faculty at NLU since 2005. Dr. SanFilippo has been deeply engaged in institutional service at NLU, and most notably has served as Faculty Senate Chair for two years during a challenging transitional time for the university. He also served as Senate Chair for 2014-2015. His leadership on the Governance 3.0 task force played a key role in restructuring the shared governance system and streamlining the work of Faculty Senate Committees.

One colleague notes, “This restructuring created a more agile system that ensures broad democratic participation while building shared governance at NLU.”

In addition to his service for faculty governance, San Filippo serves as the director of the School of Health & Human Services program in the College of Professional Studies and Advancement, a Quality Matters Coordinator and Master Quality Matters Reviewer, and a Faculty Advisor for the NLU Chapter of the Student Veterans of America. One colleague put it best when he wrote, “I can think of few individuals at NLU who exemplify the spirit of selflessness and service better than David. His work clearly supports the mission of this university and it helps define NLU as a place where faculty care, faculty mentor and support one another, and faculty work with all arms of the university to move us forward as an institution of excellence.”

Edna Bazik has been at NLU since 2005 as an associate professor in the National College of Education, and more recently teaching as a member of NLU’s adjunct faculty. Her expertise in mathematics education impacts both the students she teaches and the professional community. She participates in the  Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, a national consortium of the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics. In 2014 she served PARCC as a leader for Cadre of Leaders Group by conducting virtual online Common Core Math Assessment Reviews. Recently Dr. Bazik has presented elementary teacher math sessions at regional and annual conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

One colleague notes that “Edna’s never-ending quest to enrich her abilities as a mathematics educator and to spread that knowledge, leadership and enthusiasm to the broad Illinois mathematics education community (and beyond)” makes her an excellent choice to receive the Excellence in Service and Engagement Award for adjunct faculty.

The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes faculty that:

  • Demonstrate a sustained commitment to quality instruction that promotes student engagement in the field of study
  • Employ creative, diverse, and innovative teaching strategies and instructional methods that enhance student learning
  • Develop new curricula, programs, or courses that provide students an unparalleled classroom experience and enhance the course offerings of National Louis University
  • Demonstrate a significant commitment to students by providing advising and mentoring that supports student success.

The Excellence in Service and Engagement Award recognizes faculty that:

  • Demonstrate a record of service excellence within and beyond National Louis University
  • Demonstrate substantial contribution in a leadership role toward process and content issues to help service groups work toward accomplishment of goals
  • Engage with community partners to creatively solve problems and work toward solutions
  • Provide a service to the community or profession that distinguishes National Louis University at the forefront of innovative education