NLU, High School District 214 Agree to Provide College Credit, Streamline Path to 4-Year Degree Many students will be able to enter NLU as sophomores, complete college in 3 years

D214studentsDec2015As 21 fresh-faced high school students looked on, National Louis University’s president and the superintendent of Community High School District 214, in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, signed an agreement Thursday to provide NLU college credit for high school classes.

“National Louis is committed to working with us, and with the provisions of this agreement, our students will be able to complete a bachelor’s degree in business or education within three years after high school,” said David Schuler, Ph.D., superintendent of D214.

He referred to the fact NLU can help students whose families can’t afford college. NLU used an innovative high-tech, high-touch design to be able to offer its Harrison Professional Pathways undergraduate program at $10,000 annual tuition, and grants can reduce that to zero for students at certain income levels.

D214MegahedDec2015National Louis University President Nivine Megahed, Ph.D., told the students that 90 percent of U.S. jobs require a college degree, yet only 40 percent of the workforce has obtained one.

“These kinds of initiatives that shorten that path, that give you the skills to be competitive, are going to be critical for our young people,” she said.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer a program that’s going to be affordable, and that is part of a pathway that speeds up your college completion.”

D214GroupPhotoDec2015The agreement provides that students who complete D214’s accounting, entrepreneurship or business courses can get dual credit with both D214 and NLU. Students are not required to pass an exam to get the credit.

Each class translates as 5 quarter hours of credit at NLU, which is on a quarter system. A student who took all three classes would receive 15 credit hours, which equates to one quarter of credit. However, students can receive additional credit through high school honors courses or credit by examination. One D214 student has already entered NLU with more than 60 quarter hours of credit, which translates to having completed freshman year, plus one quarter of sophomore year.

D214SigningNLU intends to expand the agreement, so that more D214 classes would be eligible for the dual credit. Education courses will also be added, so that students interested in a teaching career could get well on their way.