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Catalyst: NLU Partner AUSL Leads In Teacher Prep Article describes how NLU helped design the Academy of Urban School Leadership

preschoolclassroomA Catalyst Chicago article on the Academy of Urban School Leadership, which expects to graduate its 1,000th teacher resident in June 2017, described National Louis University’s key role in helping create the non-profit teacher incubator.

The origins go back to 2001, when Martin “Mike” Koldyke, a venture capitalist, founded AUSL.

Koldyke, who was interested in focusing on teachers, had founded the Golden Apple Foundation to recognize teacher quality six years earlier. He intended AUSL to supply the teacher pipeline of the Chicago Public Schools with excellent teachers.

The Catalyst story by Maureen Kelleher describes how AUSL partnered with National Louis, and they crafted a teacher residency and preparation program inspired by medical residencies for doctors.

AUSL focused on teacher training through its residencies in the early 2000s, but in 2006, then-CPS chief Arne Duncan, who later became U.S. Secretary of Education, asked AUSL to take over some low-performing schools to improve their quality. Subsequently, AUSL became known for managing these turnaround schools as much as for its teacher residencies.

Today, AUSL has contracts to manage 32 CPS schools and has graduated 880 teachers from its residency program. All agree to teach for four years after graduation in CPS schools, but many are staying longer. Data indicate 51 percent of AUSL alumni past their fifth year post-residency continue to teach in CPS.

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