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9 Things to Do (and Not Do) Before Graduation By Melissa Simmons, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Experience


You killed it with your final project on the Theory of Feminism, but you still have to attend class. Your workload has dwindled, but you still have various miscellaneous assignments. You’re in the homestretch, but not quite there yet.

If you are in this educational gray area, then chances are you’re graduating this summer. With an epidemic of “senioritis” and graduation fever sweeping through the campuses, the always-prepared Office of Student Experience has your back when it comes to your big day. Enjoy these pre-grad tips and comment if you have any do’s and dont’s of your own.

  1. DO remember to order your cap and gown. You would look kind of silly without them. May 16th is the deadline!
  2. DO attend NLU’s Commencement Fair on May 17-18 for all things graduation and a fun family celebration!
  3. DO like NLU on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember to tag us in your commencement photos on FB/IG using the hashtag #NLUGRAD2016
  4. DON’T show up in uncomfortable shoes. This is your moment, you don’t want to be distracted by how much your feet hurt─ even though, yes ladies, I know those red bottoms are s’cute! Fellas, leave the chucks at home, they’re the male equivalent to UGGS.
  5. DO make sure your resume is updated and go for that dream job. The sooner, the better. Visit Career Development for a little extra guidance.
  6. DO visit the campus gift shop and stock up on NLU gear. Take pride in your school no matter where you are and tell a prospective student about your educational experience.
  7. DON’T be afraid to try something new. College grads are expected to seek a fresh outlook on life through daring adventures, cultural experiences and the latest hipster trend. Whatever your “new” is, go for it.
  8. DO invite your support system to help celebrate a major milestone in life. If you’re like me, however, “support system” is just a fancy term for a furry four-legged friend. Don’t worry Mr. Duke Blackhawk, I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.
  9. DON’T forget to enjoy the moment. Take a minute to think about how far you’ve gone and all you’ve done to get there. All the late-night cram sessions, missed time with loved ones and caffeine binges are made worth it on Commencement day. Savor the moment and CONGRATS GRAD!

Mr. Duke Blackhawk, a shih tzu, is proud to announce that his owner, Ms. Melissa Simmons, will be one of the grads walking across the stage in June to receive her M.S. in Written Communication diploma.