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DNAinfo: NLU Prof Wants to End Domestic Violence in Hotels The Chicago news website profiled Cynthia Schumann, Criminal Justice faculty, the digital Chicago news network, spotlighted the efforts of NLU prof Cynthia Schumann, Ed.D., to educate hotel managers about how to handle domestic violence that may occur at their hotels. Reporter Linze Rice’s article is headlined, “This Former Chicago Cop  Wants to Change How Hotels Handle Domestic Violence.”

Schumann, an adjunct professor of criminal justice, became interested in preventing domestic violence in her role as a Chicago Police sergeant, and she retired this summer after 29 years of service.

“Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean domestic violence issues get left at home. They travel with the victim, they travel with the abuser,” Schumann told DNAinfo.

She is focused on training hotel managers to prevent both guests and employees from becoming domestic violence victims. If someone does call the front desk saying they’re hearing a woman’s screams, the training will help hotel managers respond effectively.

Illinois is one of the most progressive states when it comes to preventing domestic violence and protecting victims, Schumann said. For example, the Victim Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA) prevents employers from firing domestic violence victims and requires them to change employees’ shifts if requested for security reasons.

Illinois law also empowers employers to file orders of protection on behalf of their employees.

The story ran as the lead story in’s Rogers Park and Edgewater edition on Sept. 8. See the entire story here.