Tribune: NLU Student Went From 320 Pounds to Running Marathon The Trib's Heidi Stevens chronicled Gaylon Alcatraz' inner and outer journeys

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-58-51-amThe Chicago Tribune’s Heidi Stevens wrote a column about NLU student Gaylon Alcaraz, who was tipping the scales at 320 pounds when she decided to join Weight Watchers in 2012.

She started walking a little bit, too, to get some exercise. A friend who was involved with an African-American women’s running group asked her to do a 5K, running when she could and walking when she could not.¬†

The year 2013 brought lots of changes: a close relative died, and Alcaraz was preparing to leave a job she had held for years. She also enrolled in National Louis University’s Ph.D. in Community Psychology program to prepare for a career in nonprofits and fundraising.

Recently, Alcatraz ran in October’s ¬†Chicago Marathon. Find out how she made this incredible transition. Read the Tribune column here.