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Alum Sinks Teeth Into Director Role at Prosthodontists’ Association Caradine-Poinsett earned two degrees at NLU

caradinepoinsett1_webLinda Caradine-Poinsett, Ph.D., recently took on the role of executive director of the American College of Prosthodontists in Chicago. It’s one of a string of successes for Caradine-Poinsett, who attended NLU for her B.S. in Health Care Leadership in 2005 and her MBA in 2007. She has used those two degrees as a launching pad for further education and a career. She earned a Ph.D. and a law degree while taking on roles of increased leadership at prestigious membership associations.

Caradine-Poinsett held leadership positions with the College of American Pathologists, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America-Midwest. She also worked as an associate director of an American Bar Association section and as executive director of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists.

In addition to helming the American College of Prosthodontists she also serves as executive director of the ACP Education Foundation.

Caradine-Poinsett believes that a focus on leadership is what put her on the right career path.

“I was always impressed with many of the professors who taught my classes, mainly because they were in leadership roles within their organizations,” Caradine-Poinsett said of her experience at National Louis. “I truly believe that my academic experience helped to shape the leader I am today.”

In her newest role at ACP, an international non-profit prosthetic dentistry professional association, she’s focusing her academic and career experience on developing strategy, promoting new technologies and building out professional development.

Even with her long list of credentials, Caradine-Poinsett defines leadership primarily in terms of character. “I believe leadership is first, and foremost, about a willingness to serve. In addition, a true leader recognizes that she or he cannot possibly know everything. Therefore, it takes humility to accept that realization and then surround yourself with strong competent individuals that you trust.”