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Daily Herald Columnist Constable Features NLU’s San Filippo Columnist Quotes Prof Twice in Columns About 2016, Near Death Experiences

NLU’s David San Filippo, author of the recently-released book, “An Overview of the Near Death Experience Phenomenon,” has been quoted in two recent columns by journalist Burt Constable in the Daily Herald newspaper.

In a Jan. 8 column about physicians who have followed “hunches” which saved lives and witnessed patients talking to dead relatives, the columnist used San Filippo, an associate professor and chair of Health Studies in NLU’s College of Professional Studies and Advancement, as an expert commenter. San Filippo said such stories are as old as human civilization.

Constable’s Dec. 29 column about whether 2016 was the #Worst Year Ever, as hashtagged on social media,  featured San Filippo commenting about how the nature of social media amplifies users’ sense of gloom. He also advises that adopting a healthy sense of gratitude can dispel those myopic perceptions.

Read Burt Constable’s Dec. 29 Daily Herald column here.

Read Burt Constable’s Jan. 8 column here.