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On ‘Good Day Chicago,’ NLU’s Talan Explains How to Choose Child Care She tells what to look for when choosing the best place for your baby or young child

Most new parents eagerly seek a great child care center or preschool where their baby or young child will thrive. But how do you know whether a center offers high-quality care?

NLU’s Teri Talan appeared on WFLD-TV Fox 32’s “Good Day Chicago” show recently to give insider tips on how to choose good child care. Talan, Ed.D., JD, is the Michael W. Louis Chair of the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National Louis University.

Talan told Fox 32 anchor Kristen Nicole that If a center says it’s licensed, that only means it meets the state’s health and safety requirements. For better quality, seek out a center that is both licensed and accredited or quality-rated. Accreditation and quality ratings mean that a national association or the state (such as Illinois) have evaluated the program for such things as learning environment, teacher-child interactions and program administration, and found them to be of high quality.

Be sure to visit the center and spend at least an hour observing the teachers and children, Talan recommended. Look to see if the children are engaged or disinterested.

Ask whether the program director and the teachers have a bachelor’s degree or specialized training in early childhood education.

For more tips, watch the video and view this key information.