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Daily Herald Quotes NLU’s Claudia Pitts on Love, Being Single She suggested ways singles can spend Valentine's Day

While Valentine’s Day may give lovey-dovey couples a reason to go out to dinner, it can leave the un-coupled among us feeling a bit left out.

Daily Herald newspaper columnist Burt Constable quoted NLU’s Claudia Pitts, Ph.D., in his Feb. 14 column tackling that topic.

Pitts, an associate professor of psychology, told Constable Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to romantic love. She suggested other ways singles could spread love and kindness.

Of course, singles can also create fun by planning a singles’ party and/or singles’ gift swap, or even sending themselves flowers at the office–anonymously, of course.

Find ¬†out what else Pitts suggested by reading Burt Constable’s Daily Herald column, “Reality of Valentine’s Day for Singles is Virtually Endless,” here.