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Huffington Post Publishes NLU Prof’s Blog on Community Schools

As the U.S. enters into a discussion over charter schools, NLU’s Carlos Azcoitia, Ed.D., and former NLU prof Ted Purinton, Ed.D., wrote an important commentary when they guest blogged in the Huffington Post April 19.

Azcoitia, distinguished professor of practice at NLU, and Purinton, dean of the graduate school of education at American University in Cairo, and former chair of NLU’s Department of Educational Leadership, drew readers’ attention to a type of school which has been quietly ringing up success after success: community schools.

The two co-edited a book, “Creating Engagement Between Schools and Their Communities: Lessons from Educational Leaders” (Lexington Books) which was released last year.

Community schools, which become vital neighborhood centers for families and community members, also reinforce achievement for students, Azcoitia and Purinton wrote. When school leaders reach out to community members, local business leaders and local community organizations, they create a “seamless environment” that lifts up everyone, and helps students academically.

Read Carlos Azcoitia’s and Ted Purinton’s Huff Post blog here.