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‘Play Fest’ Puts Students’ Drama, Writing On Stage April 22 Come experience screenplays, plays and live literature

In a flourish of creativity at National Louis University, 10 students are seeing their writing shaped by actors and directors and expressed on the stage.

Three of them have written screenplays that touch on themes such as coping with adversity, struggles in relationships and trying to overcome the odds. Two others have written plays about how historical events touch people’s lives and finding strength amidst challenging circumstances. All will be presented as staged readings by actors on stage.

Finally, five students have written work that will be presented in a Live Literature segment.

All are welcome to support these writers and other creative types by attending Play Fest on Saturday, April 22, from 1 to 5 p.m. at NLU’s Chicago Campus, 122 S. Michigan Ave., in the second floor atrium.

Admission is free, but RSVPs are encouraged to

by Chioma Izugbara (Screenplay)
Directed by Wilson Cain
Forced into marriage at 14, Nigerian born Bandu suffers stigma and abandonment after developing a serious illness. Her luck flips when she is adopted by a Swedish social worker who helps her heal and supports her to train as a doctor.
by Brittany Yantos (Screenplay)
Directed by Jill Matel
A struggling young married couple journey to a mysterious mountain vineyard in a final effort to save their relationship. What was meant to be a romantic vacation quickly becomes a journey into chaos and violence.
by John Janso (Screenplay)
Directed by Jill Matel
A father and son spend the anniversary of the mother’s tragic death attempting to finally move on from her passing, while at the same time trying to salvage their own fractured relationship.
by Wilson Cain (Play)
Directed by Jennifer Thompson
The strained relationship between a mother and daughter is bridged through the intervention of an unlikely change agent, as Freedom Riders arrive in their area of Alabama.
by Shavon Coleman (Play)
Directed by Maurice Proffit
A young African-American woman must overcome the pressures brought on by life in violent Chicago to find the strength to stand up for others.
Coordinated and Directed by Sheila Yarborough
Readings featuring pieces by students Bruno Campano, Andrea Diaz, Lecar Fox, Mark Mehl and ShaRhonda Sharp.

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